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Our veteran storm chasers are here to answer any questions you may have:

I was extremely impressed with Nick and the crew at ETT. We saw some really awesome severe storm structures and a number of tornadoes on my tour. The crew went out of their way to make sure we were on location for the best opportunities for that given day.

Chris Cline, Tour 5 2018

Answers to our most popular questions-


- We carry up to 6 guests in our bench seat vans and up to 7 in our captain's chair van to make sure everyone has a window view and room to be comfortable as well as two deciated guides, a driver and a navigator/radar tech. Our vans are 15 passenger fully equipped storm-chasing vehicles, see below. We leave our host hotel and will travel at length sometimes to get you onto the best storms. Sometimes we may stay close to our area, and others you may spend up to 8 hours on a drive. The goal is always to get you onto the best storms and tornadoes!


- Our team is lead by seasoned storm chasers with hundreds of tornadoes under their belts including degreed Oklahoma University severe weather Meteorologist Kevin Rolfs of Basehunters storm chasing, winner of the WX Challenge, the U.S.' most coveted weather forecasting competition. You may have seen Kevin and our chasers on numerous documentaries about significant tornado events like Joplin MO, Moore OK and many other media outlets, as well as operating as local news stringers and chase partners for Dr. Reed Timmer in the past. 


- Our vans are the best in the business with an array of onboard electronics that let us do our jobs to the best of our abilities including boosted internet, the most up to date radar systems with constant GPS positioning and dedicated communications between our team. Entertainment is provided on our long drives including a large HD monitor for movies and viewing radar, upgraded sound system, Sirius XM radio, USB and AC (home-style) power banks for charging etc. Our vans are maintained with religious maintenance schedules and always have new high-quality tires and brakes. 


- You arrive before 6pm on the arrival day and a shuttle will be ready for you at the airport to take you to our base hotel. At 7pm we have orientation followed by a dinner together, sometimes leaving right off the bat to get closer to the next days chasing. 


- We cover 5, 7 and 10 days of chasing and lodging nights, including your first night before chasing, also known as your arrival day. Your tour ends at 12am at the end of your last day of chasing and you may choose to purchase a discounted rate hotel room at our base hotel in OKC or Denver to cover that night. This will be addressed closer to your tour.


- We offer lodging in proper hotels when possible, think Choice hotels.. Comfort Inn, Comfort Suites, Best Western, Wingate by Wyndham, Super 8 etc. There may be times when we have a lesser hotel due to area and the days chasing, but we've gotten very good at staying in decent hotels and have a corporate lodging account and booking agent.


- On "down days" as we do have some, we have many options and connections for entertainment including tours of The Weather Center, Storm Prediction Center, visiting national parks, amazing museums and famous restaurants featured on TV. We hope to not have many down days, and usually they are used to travel- But we have become well prepared in many years doing this to keep your tours exciting!


- We focus on an educational experience with morning forecast meetings detailing the how and why of where and what we plan to chase that day. As we chase if able, we let you know exactly what is happening and why it happened, you'll never be left wondering what is going on when we are in the thick of it. All of our guides are accomplished photographers and videographers and absolutely love to help our guests capture your tours to the best of your abilities! You will most certainly learn new skills! 


- While we operate safely and have for 12 years strong now, we maintain being the industry leader at storm chasing. Our guys do this for a living and have over 40 years combined experience as up close tornado chasers, and were handpicked originally by Dr Reed Timmer who founded our company. We also do our best to meet with Reed in the field to observe storms together and meet and greet, if able. 


- You will receive a T Shirt, sticker pack and season recap digital DVD as well as professional digital copies of your tour group photo and our "tour storm photo" (Our best shot of the year) for you to use to print for framing or wall paper use as shot by tour director Nick Drieschman, an accomplished storm photographer.


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