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Our guides are some of the most prolific storm chasers on the planet! This is our core group, with many acclaimed guest guides joining us at times. ETT has seen literally hundreds of tornadoes over the years with an 80% tour success rate in getting you what you came for! We go the distance when other tour companies won't, hence our reputation for being the world's most popular tour company!



Blake Brown is from Panhandle, a small town in the Texas Panhandle where seeing mother natures fury is nothing less then the ordinary. The Texas Panhandle is known for its classic dryline set ups, where at a young age him and his dad began chasing these events together. He saw his first tornado at the age of 11 and since then has been hooked on chasing severe weather. "I have to say watching the movie Twister made a big impact in my life cliche as it sounds." Throughout the past couple years he has made himself known by capturing weather in its destructive form. He chases for his ABC network news station Storm Search 7 and has four years under his belt as a guide with ETT. He is also an accomplished past competitive motocross racer, and has professional driving skills.  He lives by the quote from one of his favorite researchers and chasers Tim Samaras, "Keep your focus on your passion in life and the things you enjoy doing. You'll get there. Trust me. Im doing it." Working for Extreme Tornado Tours is allowing him to do just that. 



Kevin Rolfs is our degreed meteorologist from the planet's most highly regarded college in that field, Oklahoma University. He is also an Oklahoma native. He is the professional that safely guides our tours. Kevin has been with ETT for five years. Being a native Okie, he has an extensive history of riding out spring severe weather. In fact, one of his earliest memories is the sounding off of tornado sirens while casually sitting in his house as the storm rolls by. He’s been infatuated by weather since an early age and began storm chasing at the age of 13 with is dad. He was hooked on it instantly! While attending the University of Oklahoma, he became friends with several people and they formed the storm chasing team Basehunters. Still active, the Basehunters have captured extensive amounts of tornado/storm footage, several which have been aired on TV networks worldwide. Also during his time at OU, he placed first in a 20 week forecasting competition against professors, graduate students, and undergrads from all across the United States. Kevin is excited to be a part of the world’s most exciting chase tour company.



Nick Drieschman began his interest in storms at an early age traveling the high plains and prairies to Canada for summer trips with his parents and founded his passion for severe weather watching twin waterspouts with his Grandfather at the age of nine. Nick decided to pursue storm chasing as a full-time passion in 2012 honing his skills chasing monsoon season thunderstorms near his hometown of San Diego since 2001, and soon began putting all of his efforts into being able to chase storms in both the high prairies and plains, from Canada to Texas. Nick has completed numerous weather-related training programs and classes and was a past storm chase partner of DR. Reed Timmer. Still photography is his priority when chasing while aiding in the warning process when possible. Currently, Nick has created a buzz about his photographic work and is now based in Norman Oklahoma as five-year veteran guide and owner of Extreme Tornado Tours. Nick is proud to be a part of the worlds most exciting storm chasing tour company.